GHC Tartan Yearbook | Senior Quotes


Senior Quotes submitted by  OCT 19th, 2018  are free. Senior quotes are a privilege. As such you must follow the written guidelines on the form for your quote to be published. All quotes are subject to review by the school administration. Quotes that do not follow the written guidelines on the form will be rejected and will be excluded from the yearbook



All Quotes need to follow the Guidelines below. Failure to follow guidelines will result in the exclusion of your quote.


  • All quotes must be limited to 65 characters/spaces total. Yes, spaces between words count and need to be included.
  •  NO profanity.   NO acronyms.   NO gang-affiliated words or phrases.   NO drug or alcohol references. 
  •  NO derogatory comments  about other students or staff members.
  •  NO shout-outs to or about other students or teachers.  This rule is in place because of the potential of a quote offending the person it references. We do not have the time to check and keep records of who does and does not approve of being mentioned in another student’s quote.
  •  Your quote must be in standard English.  (Latin is also accepted)
  •  NO abbreviations.   NO "creative" spelling.   No Emoji 
  •  NO questionable/inappropriate content. 
  •  All quotes are subject to review by administration  and the yearbook staff. Failure to follow guidelines will result in the exclusion of your quote.
  • If you aren’t sure whether or not your quote will pass this review or if you have a question, You may ask us a question before October 20th, 2017. (The question form is on the bottom of this page)
  • Due to the volume of students questions WILL NOT be answered on October 20th. Over 700 seniors turn in Senior quotes. Nearly all of those students wait until the very last day to turn in their quote and nearly all of those students have a question because they did not take the time to read these guidelines!!!
  • Examples of quotes that will be rejected: “FRENDS4EVAWEWILLB2GETHA" “To all my G Homie Dawg Funkers in the House, Westside ‘til I die!" “I luv you alot." “Establish chaos--evil will triumph. Kill the conscience!"
  •  You do not need to add quotations.  So many students do not include them in their 65 characters anyway. We will add them if you do not.
  •  It is not required that you cite your quote. 




 Q:  Is this a good quote?

A: No. (Just kidding). But really though, don’t ask if we like it or not...Unless you have read the guidelines. ;) We really do care about your quote, but we are just out numbered. There are over 700 seniors that submit quotes. Many of the people with questions really just need to read the guidelines and FAQ.

 Q:  What should I put as my quote?

A: That is for you to think about. You have had your entire high school career to think about it.

 Q:  Do you have to turn in your quote at the very last minute?

A: No, you can actually turn it in early. We would really appreciate it if you did.

 Q:  Is it okay if I say something bad in my quote?

A: This is going to be printed in a book that people hang on to their entire life. Years from now, is that really how you want to be remembered? Also, administration reviews all quotes before they are selected to be included in the yearbook. Quotes with questionable content will be rejected.

 Q:  When/How will I know if my quote was approved?

A: We intend to review every quote after October 20th. We will try to notify you if your quote was rejected. It can take us at least two weeks to return quotes rejected by yearbook staff members. All the quotes approved by staff are later read by school administration. Administration can choose to reject a quote without notice at any time.

 Q:  I forgot what I put as my quote. Could you tell me?

A: Sorry, we just don’t have time to take this request. We would post every quote online for you to look up but we believe it adds interest to the book to keep all the quotes secret until the book arrives…even from you.

 Q:  I submitted more than one quote by completing the form more than once. Which quote will you print?

A: We will print the most recent quote that was submitted prior to October 14th.

 Q:  Do I have to use quotations?

A: No, we will include them for you. You can quote us on that.

 Q:  Can I have one more space for one more letter?

A: Sorry. In order for your name and quote to fit nicely under your picture, we have set a character limit.

 Q:  Do I have to use spaces between words?

A: Yourteachershaveworkedhard tomakeyouallbetterwriters. Wetakepridein qualitywritingatGranada. So, yeah...spaces between words are mandatory.

 Q:  When is the last day to turn in late quotes?


 Q:  Can I change my quote?

A: You may submit a new quote on or before October 20th. We will use the latest quote you have submitted.

 Q:  Do I have to write the whole word or can I just abbreviate?

A: You have to use complete words.

 Q:  Can’t we just make shout-outs to our friends? Please, we are best friends.

A: You can sign each other’s yearbook once they are distributed. However, unfortunately, we can’t accept quotes that reference other people on campus. This has been our policy for a long time. All it takes is for one bully to say something that upsets another student for things to go wrong. We are not keeping a record of who approves of being mentioned in a shout out by another particular student and we do not have time to inquire who does or does not want to be mentioned in another student's shout out. After training we have about 90 school days to produce a 300+ page book, we meet for 1 hour a day. When we say we don’t have time, it is not to be rude. It is just that we actually do not have time.

 Q:  Can I use emoji in my quote?

A: No. emoji are too informal and would distract from all of your beautiful faces.

The senior quote is a formal quote next to your formal portrait. It is just not the time or place for emoji, sorry.


 Note:  You must be signed into your school google account to complete the forms.