All Grades

Welcome. This year we will be asking many more questions online. To be in the book we ask that you participate by answering the survey questions and submit photos.

Humans of Granada

We picture students across the entire book along with their responses to this question!

Student Life

Homecoming Survey

Homecoming season has finally come around! Respond to the below questions regarding your Homecoming experience. We will be selecting descriptive responses to publish in the yearbook, so please take the time to write detailed answers.

How did you decide on your homecoming outfit? 

Where did you get your outfit from?

Explain your overall experience of homecoming, from getting ready, to attending. 

What was your favorite part of homecoming? Why


Club Rush Survey Form

Any student who attended Club Rush can participate!

Fill out this form for a chance to be featured in the Tartan Yearbook!

Diversity Form

Due October 6th!!